HCI - Hyper converged Infrastructure

HCI web scale technology for high availability environments delivering unmatched organisational performance, cost savings and scalability.

Webscale Storage and Compute


Traditionally we have designed storage and compute solutions around three tier architectures using SAN technologies from Dell Compellent and NetApp. However, the bulk of our work now uses hyper converged infrastructure technologies from Dell EMC (including Vmware), Nutanix and Huawei.  

 Hyperconvergence is simply the combination of storage and compute, scaled out across multiple standard off the shelf servers with a built in hypervisor technology. It removes the need for specialist storage technologies and their associated technical challenges and delivers cost savings typically in the region of 60% of traditional approaches. 

No matter what the size of your organisation if you want a data centre capability to match enterprise players you can achieve that. 

We design hyper converged infrastructure solutions to fit all sizes delivering enterprise levels of reliability, performance and scalability.

stay dynamic and cost efficient with highly secure, scalable and available INFRASTRUCTURE


The hyper converged solution market place is expanding rapidly because of the benefits it brings to both medium and large scale organisations including: 


Streamlines & simplifies infrastructure assets 

Cost Reduction

Reduces total cost of ownership through easier to deploy and operate technologies 

Highly Scalable

Ease of scalability block by block small and large steps


Highly resilient for business continuity and highly available

Reduced Space Requirements

Reduces the amount of physical space required 

Power & Cooling

Reduces power and cooling costs

Quadris work with proven technology leaders in this sector

dell emc partner
Nutanix partner
Huawei partner

Hyper Converged Infrastructure is Growing Rapidly

For the following simple reasons:

Up to


lower total cost of ownership versus traditional SAN


say HCI has made them more agile

Up to


less expensive than on-demand public cloud services

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