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Service Delivery Administrator

Location: Stockport

Responsible To: Services & Support Manager



The key purpose of the job is to administer the non-technical side of our service delivery operation.This includes purchasing administration and routine tasks that support the supply of IT services to our customers customers. It also includes general office administration tasks.

Key roles

  • Keeping our CRM system up to date with contact information, customer and supplier information.
  • Administering the purchase of products to supply to our customers.
  • Setting up and maintaining supplier accounts.
  • Administering renewal services that our customers purchase. e.g. equipment warranties.
  • Working closely with the finance team to help resolve queries with sales orders and purchases.
  • General office administration.

Information to monitor and influence

  • Timely administration of renewals and purchases against customer deadlines or expiry dates.
  • Accuracy, quality and clarity of customer related documentation that drives overall company Customer Satisfaction results.
  • Contribution to overall delivery of service to clients against Service Level Agreements.
  • Contribution to Key Performance Indicators for maintenance/administration workload queues.


£18,000 per year for a full time role. Flexible working hours available.

How to apply

If you think this opportunity is a perfect fit then we would love to hear from you. Please send your CV to careers@quadris.co.uk