How we helped Jambo Recruitment reduce its infrastructure costs by an impressive 30%.

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Jambo are an organically grown recruitment agency with offices in Manchester and Truro that provides staffing solutions to the UK and across the world. Jambo prides itself on being a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and specializes in Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Digital, and International sectors.

Executive Summary

With an existing set-up that included a legacy HP SAN and VMWare licensing, Jambo’s continued growth signified the need for a better all-round solution to eradicate critical performance issues which were affecting their business. This also indicated that a more robust infrastructure was required that was operationally fit for purpose.

The outcome delivered:

  • A 30% reduction in IT infrastructure costs vs a similar performing legacy solution
  • A new cluster delivering 150,000 IOPS vs their existing 1500
  • A secure and reliable back-up solution
  • A full Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Removal of one hour+ email queues due to existing storage latency

Our previous backup solution failed constantly, it needed daily administration and put so much load on our system it was practically unusable during backup periods – which often ran along. Prevensys Plus has taken all of the administrative effort away, the system has a 100% success rate since installation based on hourly low overhead backups. Workloads are automatically test recovered each evening and evidenced with screenshots – giving us the assurance our backups are valid.

Jon Lister Contracts Manager

Challenges Faced

Jambo were facing numerous critical issues which were a causation of the inability to operate their business effectively. For a company that survives on email communications, often sending over 150,000 a day; they needed to ensure that there were no bottlenecks or log-in ‘storms‘ occurring.

Furthermore, it was imperative to ensure a reliable system was in place for back-ups and disaster recovery (DR) as Jambo’s existing back-up solution required a full night to finish and then often failed upon completion. Considering This, it posed as a serious issue and endangered their organisational capability, recoverability and continuity.

In addition to these problems, Jambo’s application latency and generally sluggish IT systems displayed that the continued infrastructure additions which were provided by their existing service provider were not working efficiently. A persistence to carry on under the existing conditions would only yield further complexities and continued costs.

In summary, a reliance upon their infrastructure to work effectively and efficiently was imperative for Jambo and by reducing their IT infrastructure costs, would serve as a huge competitive advantage.

The Solution

One of the many strengths of our solution was the impressive implementation time. We utilised Jambo’s datacentre Co-Location and doubled their internet bandwidth speed. We then installed a VSAN solution along with a 6u Footprint, migrating all VM’s within 72 hours.

Additionally, we deployed a new Citrix XenDesktop as per best practice guidelines which had not been carried out by the previous incumbents. We then supplied our Prevensys Protect system to eradicate their previous DR and Business Continuity issues. The overall time taken from date of order to full completion took just 30 days.

The Results

Rather than simply continuing to add to an already fragile and complex system, our approach opted to analyse and then refresh Jambo’s IT infrastructure systems. This was an effective approach and immediately paid dividends for Jambo and ensured that their operational frustrations were a thing of the past.

Due to our solution , the comparison vs their old system speaks for itself, not to mention the cost savings they also benefited from:

  • Emails now delivered within 4 minutes vs upto 1 hour
  • Peak User log-in averaging 18 seconds vs 10 minutes
  • A 300% IT infrastructure cost reduction vs upgrading their legacy SAN
  • New cluster delivers 150,000 IOPS vs 1500
  • Hourly back-ups with 100% success rates
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery Solution
  • A 24 hour RPO and a 4 hour RTO
  • A 100% increase in their internet speed

Jambo’s Statement

Quadris deployed our new system and migrated all of our servers within a week. the performance improvement was staggering, with logins being reduced to just a few seconds and our business processes now running without delay

Jon Lister Contracts Manager

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