How Cloud Computing Works

Discover all you need to know about the cloud and whether your organisation needs it with expert IT consultants so cloud computing never passes you by.

Discovering how cloud computing works

As well as applying problem solving solutions we are also technological consultants who can sit down and offer you advice and assessments to guide, educate and suggest. Whether you already have a form of cloud computing or are wanting to know whether you should have it, we are happy to help you in any way possible.

Should I use cloud computing now?

In most cases the answer is yes but the most appropriate question is to what extent?

The key benefits of cloud computing being:

Stay Fresh

Keeping your IT services up to date at all times whilst eliminating costly upgrades associated in the past.


Scaling up or down becomes simple to cater for your needs.

Flexible Working

Simpler, cheaper mobile and flexible working across multiple devices. Many cloud platforms now have extensive mobile working solutions built in.

Reduced Risks & Costs

Reducing capital investments required and the risks associated with traditional IT approaches.

Enhanced Communication

Enable greater collaboration and management across work teams in multiple locations, internally and externally.

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Problems understanding how cloud computing works

More than ever the term "cloud" is being used to describe lots of computing areas and often the term isn't very helpful. 

Be Warned!

 "Cloud" is often being used to describe various IT solutions and services often without explaining to the unwary buyer what exactly is meant. 

A Simple Explanation

A Good Example

Why Does It Matter?

So how does cloud affect IT infrastructure?

In lots of ways! Simply put, IT infrastructure fits into three categories:


Private Cloud

In this category lies a huge range of capabilities from global infrastructure players like Microsoft Azure to private individuals running services from their homes - all under the name of "Cloud". So be aware about the capabilities of the services you are buying. 



Equipment that resides in the location that it is mostly used from e.g. a head office. Before the internet arrived most IT infrastructure was deployed on-premise.


Public Cloud

These are infrastructure as a service offerings (IaaS) where the services are accessed through an online management interface or control panel. The major players being Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google. 

How we help customers with cloud solutions

Expert Consultancy

Our consultants help you vet "Cloud" solutions from software suppliers to make sure you know what you are buying.

Informative Solutions

For the solutions and services we provide we clearly define what the performance, security and data protection capabilities are.

Complete Understanding

We explain what your "cloud" solution options are and how they stack up versus more traditional approaches. 


Office 365

We provide configuration, migration and training services for organisations looking to adopt Office 365 

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