Security Risks

Keep ahead of the increasing digital challenges with security experts keeping you protected and safeguarding your future.

Are you prepared for the new security challenges?

The risks around IT security are growing significantly and the forthcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that comes into effect on the 25th May 2018 escalates security challenges further. 

Tightening regulations builds a platform for hackers to exploit the new significant blackmail opportunities. This will see an influx of organisations personal data stolen and then threatened with a ransom in return for it respectively. With staggering financial and social repercussions of GDPR, these ransoms may be perceived as good value. 

 Security risks and problems we help solve 

  • Defend Your Network From Unauthorised External Access
  • Defend Your Internal Network From Unauthorised External Access
  • Securing Your Network To PCI DSS Standards
  • Identifying & Preventing Potential Data Breaches (GDPR Key Requirement)
  • Protecting Your Network From Malware, Including Cryptolocker
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    Protecting Your Network from DDOS Attacks
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    Enhancing Your Team's Security Awareness & Understanding  

Multi Factor Authentication

Relying on the traditional single username and password is too easy for professional hackers to breach. The use of a single login and password is no longer an effective approach - but it doesn't have to be this way.

What are you waiting for?

Adopting Multi Factor Authentication is the single most effective step you can take to protect your network and data. Now less costly and simpler than ever before! 

How Quadris solve your security risk problems

  • Next generation firewall solutions including Dell Sonicwall & Forcepoint
  • Specialist web application firewall & anti-DDOS solutions using Incapsula
  • Multi-factor password access to your network, business critical software and data
  • Encryption solutions for end point devices, data in transit and at rest
  • End Point protection (including as a managed service) to protect against malware 
  • Data backup & recovery solutions, the ultimate Cryptolocker defence
  • Email cloud protection solutions including Proofpoint and Mimecast
  • Specialist security information & event management tools (SIEM) providing real-time analysis & recording security alerts on your network
  • GDPR data breach liability monitoring 

 Security solutions we work with

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