Controlling IT Finances

With vast experience and expertise in IT, we instate an iron grip of control over your financial IT helping make you better prepared to prevent any financial shocks.

Don't suffer a financial IT Shock

Have you suffered from one of the following?

  • Urgent replacement because an operating system or other software has suddenly reached end of life. 
  • Unexpected upgrade of servers required because of a sudden performance issue. 
  • New line of business software acquisition suddenly requires unexpected investment in host infrastructure. 
  • Constant mini-spend requests gathering frequency and cost and starting to add up. 
  • End of year actual ICT spend significantly higher than budget. 
  • Unexpected spend to address software license gaps. 

Experienced any of these scenarios?  

We can help you get back in control of your IT finances

How we get your IT finances under control

Investment Plan

Consultancy exercise to identify suitability of equipment and come up with a 5 year investment plan 

License Audit

Software License audit to identify holes in licensing 

Expert Consultancy

Consultancy advice during software selection projects to help ensure the costs of hosting new line of business applications are transparent. 

ICT Budget

Development of ICT budget for greater organisation and risk reduction

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