Prevensys Monitoring

prevensys monitoring

Prevensys Monitoring

“What Is Your Name?”

This is the only question your service desk needs to ask an end-user to give them a complete picture of network performance as it relates to them, whether they are using Citrix, Remote Desktop Services or a Windows desktop.

Once your service desk has the user’s name, all information needed for resolution is at their fingertips in seconds!

A single pane of glass monitoring solution that cuts out the noise and leaves only what matters – the user experience

  • repeatReduce mean time resolution by up to 95%
  • All performance data gathered from only the users name
  • Historical data held, miss nothing
  • Trend performance over time
  • External login simulators recording login time and actual up time

Included in our managed services 

Prevensys Monitoring

​Empower Your Service Desk

Drastically reduce mean time to resolution, end user frustration and empower your service desk and see your service delivery KPIs improve overnight!