Presenting to The Bath Group

Cloud Computing Presentation to The Bath Group

Quadris host The Bath Group’s Spring 2017 event at the Park Plaza, Embankment, London

We were delighted to be invited to host the Bath Group’s Spring 2017 event to discuss our views on the Cloud and its impact for the UK’s Housing Associations.

Quadris Discusses the Cloud

We kicked off with a look at the SaaS market and the emergence of the Enterprise SaaS Suites (, Dynamics 365, Oracle and SAP) and what implications these may have on traditional application vendors and also the infrastructure market. We then reviewed the benefits and issues around the major public cloud offerings (AWS, Azure) and looked at how recent hyper-converged infrastructure products have allowed Housing Associations to invest in their own private clouds with similar webscale data centre capabilities as the public cloud providers.

Cloud Computing Presentation to The Bath Group

Quadris presenting in London

The day featured a great discussion and insights into the members experiences and it is clear that challenging times lie ahead with so many choices for the provision of software apps and infrastructure, the move from capex to opex investment models all within a new age of cost constrained IT budgets. We were able to highlight how we have used recent hyper-converged technologies to provide linearly scalable, high availability and high performance storage and compute to deliver the next generation data centre capability into the social housing sector, most recently at ForViva Group and Yorkshire Housing.