Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Our evolution

We quickly proved that we can design, install and support technology infrastructure solutions in the most demanding of environments, including those with high scalability demands, PCI DSS environments, and equally high security requirements in the healthcare and financial services sectors.

Today we design and deploy advanced technologies that offer our enterprise customers, future-focused solutions that address the challenges presented by the need to be increasingly flexible, while supporting large scale and disparate teams of people at multiple locations - securely and reliably.

As technology evolves, our approach to the development of our people ensures we evolve along with it. This ensures that we are always equipped to advise and deliver to our customers the most relevant solutions for their specific needs. Our support services run 24/7/365 and reside across a variety of private data centres, on premises, collocated in specialist data centres, and in the public cloud. We have also evolved to assist customers who face much higher levels of regulation, advanced internal security, governance standards, and processes in order to comply with the likes of PCI DSS, ISO27001 and many others.

  • APPP - Approachable, Positive, Professional, Proactive
  • Happy delighting our customers
  • Love to learn and apply our knowledge
  • Solve problems permanently
  • Team before me