8 ways to try HCI before you buy

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It’s no secret that hyperconvergence (HCI) is the next wave of innovation and efficiency in the modern data centre. Surprisingly though, it’s still a relatively new concept to many organisations. Other than wading through a ton of general information available in the public domain, there’s no obvious way for IT professionals to easily get to grips with HCI.


HCI Resources

Here at Quadris we have developed a suit of educational options, aimed at helping IT professionals interested in learning about HCI. These free resources form important steps in helping organisations get a handle on HCI benefits, architecture, implementation and much more, before parting with any hard-earned cash. As a result, investment decisions are well thought-out, savings and efficiencies are measured, helping structure a robust business value justification for adopting HCI.

1. Software trialFree download of opensource software to run in your own environment, providing hands-on exposure to the merits of HCI, without any set-up costs. This service also provides access to a network of other users, where you can share ideas and learn best practices from experts and industry peers.2. Hosted Proof of Concept (POC)Quadris facilitated online access to HCI resources, where you can run workloads, simulate scenarios and experience the technology that powers the world’s largest datacenters at no cost.3. Onsite POCA conventional proof-of-concept, with equipment installed in your own environment. This enables you to accurately compare HCI with your existing set-up (workloads, performance characteristics, supporting infrastructure, etc). It also provides first-hand experience of managing & operating all aspects of an HCI platform. Quadris arrange everything from sizing, delivery, installation and reporting.4. POC WorkshopA Quadris hosted interactive session (chosen venues throughout the UK), involving a live set-up and walk-through typical installation, provisioning and test scenarios. A good introduction for organisations considering more thorough testing, but requiring some initial experience.

5. Sizing and Design WorkshopA consultant-led session (onsite), to assess the existing environment and produce an equivalent HCI specification. A simple, effective way for organisations to determine the likely savings and efficiency gains (rack space, power, cooling, etc) from adopting HCI.6. Infrastructure Audit (performance benchmarking)A consultative engagement, to measure ‘application responsiveness’ and verify the ability of the infrastructure to meet current and future business requirements. A mixture of on-site investigation and off-site analysis and report writing. Designed to identify performance improvements (the potential for latency-reduction) and highlight any other factors negatively effecting operational performance. Output is a report providing a prioritised set of improvement recommendations, enabling IT teams to identify, resolve and optimise performance.7. Cloud Migration Costing ExerciseAn assessment service to help accurately cost-model moving on-premise workloads to the public cloud. Fundamental to any organisation considering moving to a cloud platform. Most assessment tools in the market offer very basic ‘calculator’ functionality, whereas the Quadris service includes a detailed discovery and specifies what the equivalent VM(s) will cost across all 5 major CSP’s (AWS, Azure, GCP, Softlayer, Oracle). This includes all ‘hidden costs’ that typically get overlooked in TCO/ROI calculations. Report output helps give customers confidence building their cost benefits analysis & business value justification.8. Webinar and Tailored TrainingRegular ‘bite-sized’ sessions hosted by Quadris, providing an overview of where HCI fits in the full spectrum of converged infrastructure. An ‘easy-to-digest’ way to gain insight into the business and technical benefits of HCI and discover ways you can start leveraging the technology within your organisation.

Free HCI Services

We are providing the opportunity to convey the power and principals behind hyper converged technology to IT professionals. To take advantage of these free, no obligation services, please get in touch with us below. 

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